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Playing Board Games: Best Board Game for Teenagers

What better way to make quality learning time with your teenage kids at home than playing fun board games? With all the strategizing and laughter in between, it sure is enjoyable. So how do you find the best board game for teenagers for family interaction.

Owing to the creative and inventive minds of their designers, we are now presented with a newer, wider range of board games to revel in.

Here is a board games list enumerating some of today’s latest, most popular and originally innovative indoor party adventures for your amusement and diversion. Take your pick or two and find a new pastime with your family with these board games.

Playing Board Games with the Family


This is a game that requires and encourages cooperation, coordination and teamwork. Pandemic wants every one of you involved in the game to win over the breakouts of epidemic that threatens the entirety of human life. This has been labeled as one of the best board game for teenagers currently on the market.

Each player takes on a different role that is unique from the rest. Some of which are the Operations Expert, the Scientist, the Contingency Planner and the Quarantine Specialist.

Together, you will have to race to squash the plague before it wreaks destruction on a global scale and takes out the whole of humanity.

Apples to Apples

Having been around for over a decade now, Apples to Apples is a crowd favorite.

In this battle of nouns and adjectives, you will be dealt with two decks of cards, one with names of things, places or popular personas and the other, a pile of descriptions. You will then be setting against one another by pairing the “nouns” cards with the “adjective” cards as proportionately and appropriately as possible. The verdict will be depending on a jury that is played by one of you in the group.

The results of the game will thus be very relative according to the judgement of the jury taking into account the amusement value of the card pairings.

Apples to Apples is very easy to learn yet highly entertaining. This is another game that has been labeled as the best board game for teenagers, due to the custom and sometimes risque pairs you can make. So if you and your family are on for some good belly laugh, this is just the right party game for you.

Settlers of Catan

Bring out the island conqueror in you with Settlers of Catan.

In this crowd favorite board game night party theme, you will be playing the roles of traders and builders, among several others. With each of you having the same goal in mind to invade the Catan isle, you will be using your resources to start off trading and building but not without the threats and dangers of robbers and other crooks attempting to steal precious belongings from you, or trap and distract you from your main objective.

Unlike the mutual aid and team support incited in Pandemic, Settlers of Catan is a mind game of strategy that will pit you against each other, waking the tactician or schemer and diplomat in you. Which one you will choose to be shall depend on the demands of the situation at hand. Will you choose to mediate, negotiate, or fight out-and-out?

Playing Board Games

The ultimate question is, who will garner the victory of finally being the settlers of the island of Catan.

Time’s Up

Giving the classic charades game a twist, Time’s Up is surely the most addictive of all the board games on our list.

You have over 500 personages on cards to choose from. They include pop icons, cultural influencers, historical VIPs and numerous others. One of you will take on the task of making you guess who is on the card through stating descriptions in phrases while the guessers only have 30 seconds to answer correctly.

As the game unfolds and the number of rounds increases, the development of difficulty heightens too. From using verbal descriptions, the narrator will then be banned from talking and will have to use only actions and impersonations.

With the guessers’ most hilarious responses, Time’s Up will certainly create a rather boisterous and lively crowd which you will love to be in.

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